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MostHappenings.com is event listing service portal where you can promote your event for free.

What we do!

Most Happenings (most happenings.com) is a handy digital guide for urban India, providing quick solutions to our visitors, for any of their needs, from food trails to art exhibits, live events to music festivals, and everything else worth experiencing.

Most Happenings provides event listings, exclusive previews, timely guides, and much more presently for three cities – Hyderabad, New Delhi and Bengaluru. The core feature of the portal is to provide our users with informative listings of event scheduling, which in-turn will augment the success quotient of our event partners.


Most Happenings provides comprehensive listing of all major events, food events, food festivals such as buffet, mid-night attractions, nightlife, DJs, happy hours, and not limited to exhibitions, conferences, and various other attractions.

Our mission is to ensure nobody has a bad event to visit, by helping people discover great places locally and building amazing experiences around the attractions.

Our partners are as important as our visitors to website, enabling them to create great experiences. With dedicated engagement and management tools, we’re enabling event managers to spend more time focusing on event itself, which translates directly to better customer experiences.

“Unique platform to increase occupancy by utilizing the event listings, hospitality, nightlife and what to do where to go and but not limited to many things to do in local happening places.”


If there is anything about our site that you think we could get better on we would love to pay attention your feedback. Please email us at events@mosthappenings.com