Herbalife Nutrition India Sets new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS

Herbalife Nutrition India Sets new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS

record for Most Participants in a Body Percussion Ensemble in Bengaluru

RHYTHMS OF UNITY is a unique concept created by Herbalife Nutrition to unite the family towards achieving their purpose in a fun and musical initiative to build a better tomorrow.

It showcased the activity with a total of 12,471 attendees and the record was achieved by11,256 participants

Hyderabad, June 28, 2018: Herbalife Nutrition, the global nutrition company, whose purpose is to make the world healthier and happier, created a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® record for the most participants in a Body Percussion ensemble activity.

As a part of the event, Herbalife Nutrition and its Independent Associates set the new world record with 11,256 people achieving status of the Largest Body Percussion Ensemble, held at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) in Bengaluru.

The official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® adjudicator, Swapnil Dangarikar confirmed that Herbalife Nutrition had successfully created a new world record for the most participants in a body percussion activity in one location breaking the previous record of 7089 participants. The certificate was received by Richard P. Goudis, Chief Executive Officer of Herbalife Nutrition, along with Ajay Khanna, Vice President and Country Head, Herbalife Nutrition India at their Flagship Event the India Extravaganza held at Bengaluru.

Swapnil Dangarikar, who was present at the event in Bengaluru, said, “It was great to be there in person to see so many excited and enthusiastic people all taking part in creating music by stomping, clapping, snapping fingers among others. I was delighted to be able to confirm the record had been set and personally present the certificate to the company”.

“The Herbalife Nutrition family from across the country came together with one motto – to make the world healthier and happier. This is an incredible achievement for everyone at Herbalife Nutrition, as there are so many ways to be healthy and active & this was just one of our ways to support our purpose and have some fun,” said Ajay Khanna, Vice President and Country Head, Herbalife Nutrition India.

 About Herbalife Nutrition:

Herbalife Nutrition is a global nutrition company whose purpose is to make the world healthier and happier. The Company has been on a mission for nutrition – changing people’s lives with great nutrition products & programs – since 1980. Together with our Herbalife Nutrition independent associates, we are committed to providing solutions to the worldwide problems of poor nutrition and obesity, an aging population, sky-rocketing public healthcare costs and a rise in entrepreneurs of all ages. We offer high-quality, science-backed products, most of which are produced in Company-operated facilities, one-on-one coaching with an Herbalife Nutrition independent associate, and a supportive community approach that inspires customers to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Our targeted nutrition, weight-management, energy and fitness and personal care products are available exclusively to and through dedicated Herbalife Nutrition associates in more than 90 countries.

Through its corporate social responsibility efforts, Herbalife Nutrition supports the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) and its Casa Herbalife programs to help bring good nutrition to children in need. The Company is also proud to sponsor more than 190 world-class athletes, teams and events around the globe, including Cristiano Ronaldo, the LA Galaxy, and numerous Olympic teams.

The company has over 8,000 employees worldwide, and its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:HLF) with net sales of approximately US$4.5 billion in 2016.