NBHC Announces Major Re-brand of its Pest Management Division as Pestinct Pro Solutions

NBHC Announces Major Re-brand of its Pest Management Division as Pestinct Pro Solutions

Following dynamic growth over a decade, NBHC’s Pest Management Division now has a

new name with focus on specific business segments and

improved value proposition for its customers

Hyderabad, November 29, 2018: National Bulk Handling Corporation (NBHC), India’s leading provider of integrated commodity and collateral management services of agri-commodities, announces a major re-brand of its Pest Management Division as ‘Pestinct Pro Solutions’, formerly known as Commguard.

As one of the key service providers in pest management industry, the original platform has enabled the company to become a leading pest control operator amongst the top 3 in India. The new brand “Pestinct” represents bold ambition, positive change and the unrelenting drive to improve. It represents NBHC’s continued commitment to building successful business relationships and the delivery of professional services in an ever changing technological environment.

As part of a tech-oriented company, Pestinct Pro Solutions has accomplished productivity through digital prowess (by use of customisedEnterprise Resource Planning {ERP} Software) and has also developed its own Mobile App for quick and easy access by its customers.  The company aims at protecting businesses by providing effective relief from pests and remains committed to implementing safe and effective ways of making the work environment pest free.  The environment – friendly eco-system approach is strictly followed to control pest hazards and ensure consistent compliance to food safety and pest management standards.

Mr. Giridhar Pai, Senior Vice President, Pestinct Pro Solutions, says, “We have been in pest management industry for a decade and have risen to scalable heights. After consolidating our position in the food processing, storage & logistics segments, we are now focused on achieving a similar positioning with our services in the healthcare industry and educational institutions. Our renewed outlook coincides with a period of strong growth in business and a period of unprecedented change in the way we operate.  We have always been customer-centric and innovative in our approach, and the evolution of our brand underpins this.  We wanted a fresh look, but with links to our heritage.  Therefore as a division of NBHC, we will live up to the expectations of our stakeholders by providing best customized services and this strategic re-launch will further reinforce our mission to transform and improve our focus to grow the company’s pest management services in new directions.”

With a network of 47 branches across 21 states, Pestinct Pro Solutions is looking forward to building on its core values of providing comprehensive solutions for effective pest management and leading the way in innovation, technology and best practices.  

About Pestinct Pro Solutions:

Pestinct Pro Solutions earlier known as Commguard is a Division of National Bulk Handling Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (NBHC). It is a prominent Pest Control Operator among the top 3 in India and has been in this pest management industry for 10 years.   The company is a leading provider of

pest management services to food processing, storage and logistics segments and plan to achieve a similar position with its services in the healthcare industry and educational institutions. It is also India’s first Pest Control Operator (PCO) to have fumigated more than 60 Million MT of commodity. Specialised in providing a wide range of customised services to customers across B2B segment, Pestinct Pro Solutions is strongly present in 21 states through its 47 branches across India.  

About NBHC:

National Bulk Handling Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (NBHC) is the leading integrated service provider in the agri-ecosystem in India, offering inter alia warehousing services, collateral management services, procurement & supply chain management service and other allied services such as quality assaying and certification, pest management and audit, surveillance & control. The first warehousing company to be accredited ISO 22000:2005, it has also received accreditation under NABL ISO 17025:2005, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2015 / 22000:2005 and a Category F membership with GAFTA- UK, the latter being requisite for the stringent quality norms associated with export bound agri-produce. Led by its impressive track record spanning over a decade, advantages of a strong and experienced management and the positive impetus derived from its ownership – the private equity major True North, NBHC is on its path to emerge as a key player in comprehensive collateral and total commodity management solutions.