Stonelife heralds Modern Stone & Artifacts era in Hyderabad

  • Stonelife Super Studio offers exquisite natural stones and exotic artifacts
  • Largest studio built over 48,000 sft, houses handpicked natural stones and artifacts sourced from all over India and the world
  • Amethyst from Africa, Grecian quartz, Lapiz lazuli from northern Afghanistan andMalachite from Zaire among stone attractions on offer

Hyderabad, 27 July 2018: Stonelife LLP today announced the launch of Stonelife Super Studio, India’s largest outlet of natural stones and exotic artifacts, at Nanakramguda, adjacent to ORR service road, Hyderabad. The expansive 48,000 sft Stonelife Super Studio displays a wide collection of world’s best natural stones and artifacts that provides unique and exquisite flooring, cladding and interior décor solutions.

Conceived and created to provide an experiential space that simulates nature and represents stone in various design applications, Stonelife Super Studio spans across a single floor covering 23,000 sft of indoor and around 25,000 sft of outdoor space. Renowned architect Aamir Sharma and landscaping specialist Naveen Panuganti worked in synch to make this monumental studio into a resplendent and refreshing space, very much like the collection it displays!

Stonelife team traversed all across the country and the globe to painstakingly gatherthe best stones and finishes from all continents and corners. The exquisite collection includes semi-precious stones like amethyst from Africa, Grecian quartz,lapiz lazuli from north Afghanistan and Malachite from Zaire.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Dheeraj Jain, Managing Partner, Stonelife LLP, said: “Today, the trend is towards reconnecting with nature and consequently there is a rising demand for stones both for flooring and cladding as well as artifacts and sculptures which have become an integral part of residential as well as commercialinteriors. We are committed to providingthe most functional, aesthetic and value for money solutions to customers.We have left no stone unturned to make the best of natural Stones and exotic artifacts available here in Hyderabad.Stonelife Super Studio offers anunique experience that connects visitors with nature and allows them to experience the beauty of thevast collection of Flooring and Cladding solutions in Granites, Marbles, Sandstones, Limestones, Porphyry, Basalt and beyond.”

Salient features

  • Stonelife Super Studio is India’s largest outlet – Over 48000 sft of indoor and outdoor spacehousing natural stones and exotic artifacts.
  • The Studio spans across a single floor covering 23,000 sqft of indoor and 25,000 sqft of outdoor space, unmatched anywhere else in India.
  • Collection represents all geographies of the globe — from Tandur in Telangaana to the slate stones of Himachal Pradesh, stonelife team carefully sourced and chose the best stones and finishes, from all states and places.
  • Exotic and exclusive collection of semi-precious like amethyst from Africa,Grecian quartz, lapiz lazuli from north Afghanistan, Malachite from Zaire.
  • The beautifully landscaped areas of Super Store display a vast and stunning collection of international artifacts and sculptures.
  • Artifacts collected from all over the world include African totems,Balinese stone sculptures, and products from Java, Sumatra, Cambodia and beyond.
  • The place houses the largest collection of natural stones and maximum collection of various finishes.
  • Super Studio has been designed to create an ethereal experience that showcases the unique potential of every stone in every possible environment/use case/design application
  • Studio space architected, designed and styled by Aamir Sharma, of the multiple award winning Aamir and Hameeda fame.
  • The soft and hardscape that runs across the entire property has been designed by Naveen Panuganti from Naveen Associates, one of the leading landscape architects in the country.
  • One of the Studio attractions isTempesta a unique brand that deals with creating distinctive and innovative decorative finishes on stone products.
  • Super studio displays a unique brand called Keramos, a cutting edge brand that makes exotic ceramic, handmade tiles and various stone products

Why Super Studio?

In any house design/office building/ architectural process which involves various stakeholders and suppliers, the stone choosing and buying process is an ill-informed and cumbersome experience for both the end customer and the architect/designer.

This is because the supplier market has always been unprofessional, disorganized and not customer friendly. As a result, the designer and the end consumer did not always get the right solution at the right price and did not receive the right knowledge and perspective on stones and their possibilities, its potential and limitations.

Lack of professionalism in the sector and low awareness among customers offered a business opportunity to bridge the product- consumer gap! Stonelife was conceived as a place that not only houses the best collection of natural stones but a place that also has the best knowledge and expertise in stones and also offers the most creative solutions to end customers.

The Team & the journey

  • Dheeraj Jain (Managing Partner)
  • Partners – Vishal Jain,Pavan Kumar, SubramKapoor & Brijesh Chandwani
  • Stonelife was started in 2012 in a 300 sftstore in Banjara Hills, with a singular objective to introduce to the market, the potential of how luxury stones can transform the interior and design industry.
  • In 2014 Stonelife opened its first exclusive studio of 5000 sft in Jubilee hills that displayed an expanded and carefully chosen portfolio of natural stones and finishes. The studio has been pioneering the case of natural stones ever since, with its collections and finishes steadily growing year on year.
  • The entire journey has finally culminated in the Super Studio experience, which is par excellence and one of a kind, quite possibly anywhere in the world.